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We Are IT Professionals

We are young professional team with experience in outsourcing and development of own products. Our team consists of designers, administrators, software developers, database architects, project managers, testers, client relationship managers etc..

All these people have a great experience in creating and development of IT projects and huge amount of innovative ideas. We know how to optimize work process according to requirements of our customers. We work with customers from USA, Australia, United Arabic Emirates, United Kingdom, Canada, China and EU.

We do everything to optimize ROI of our customers!

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40+ People in team

100+ Completed Projects

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Inside the IMS team
Inside the IMS team

Fun Facts IMS-People Metrics
Fun Facts

Work at IMS-Ukraine
Friendly atmosphere

94,3% of employees find the atmosphere as friendly

Happy people

97% of employees come to work in a good mood


82,5% of employees say the team is the best about IMS

Love job

81,4% of employees adore their job

Invite friends

69,5% of employees would like to invite their friends to join our team

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IMS-Ukraine Core Values

Team spirit and goal orientation:
Team spirit
  • We respect and trust each other.
  • We never refuse to provide help for our coworkers. The overall result is the most important for each of us.
  • We realize the responsibility of each other in decision making.
Democratic management and freedom in communication:
Democratic management
  • Equal and free communication is always welcomed.
  • We express opinions publicly, give constructive critics, offer alternatives and look for a the most optimal decision.
  • We don’t have strict rules but we have clear goals and result motivation.
Family like atmosphere:
Family atmosphere
  • Our team is a big family, where everyone can rely on each other and expect for help and support in any situation.
  • We like to work and rest together.
  • We are patriots of our company.
Responsibility, autonomy, proactiveness:
Responsibility proactiveness
  • We are a team of independent, proactive and responsible professionals.
  • Each of us is able to make decisions in frames of personal competences and experience.
  • We create conditions for development of innovative products and services by our own.
Professionalism and loyalty:
Professionalism loyalty
  • We make high demands to ourselves and try to become professionals in everything.
  • We work on a result: react on client’s demands and always try to do more than we are expected.
  • We always share our experience with enthusiasm. We are always glad to greet in our team those people who are eager to learn as we are.
Intellectual development in a creative atmosphere:
Intellectual dev
  • Our main value is a high level of IQ concentrated in the company.
  • All our employees are highly educated personalities and they go on the learning process.
  • We are inspired by everything that is around us and by this we give fresh ideas to our business.
  • We share knowledge and information; we learn and take experience of each other, grow and develop together.
Self-realization and personal growth:
Personal growth
  • For everyone IMS is a place of self-realization and self-development as a professional. The more achieves each of our employees the better we are as a team.
  • Individuality and unique experience, professionalism and high qualification of each employee are our competitive advantages.
Comfortable office and pleasant working conditions:
Working conditions
  • We believe that comfortable working conditions are stimulating our creativity, create unique atmosphere of home and family.